Friday, May 11, 2018

the electric metal shoe 7000

hi i have been writing a non chronological report. we have been writing a non chronological report for
two weeks and the whole class wrote two non chron reports. the next three days we are stop the non chron.

the electric metal shoe 7000

In yaldhurst school 46 kids in rimu class have been trying the electric metal shoe 7000 which is a 240$
shoe.they can make you run fat because of the electricity in them they are so popular that they have
sold out.

one Day I brought a new shoe called the metal electric shoe 7000 that was made by thom. After I  buyed
them I ran home and tried them. They were so cool and cosey I wore them to school everyone buyed th

ey also love them to. Everyone was looking at them during class because they were so cool. After school everyone
was gossiping about their new shoes even I was to. When i saw mum I just realised that i didn’t have
permission to buy the shoes and that's how i got hit with a two week ipad bane. Every day she was mad at me because of the


I told her that I used my own money but that didn’t stop her from being angry at me i tried to think of somt
hing o make her happy again but nothing came up in my head then in a flash I thought of something to ma
ke mums day baking her a  i’m sorry cake. My mom likes cake so I gotta work so I thought of what mum
likes on her cake chocolate chips, strawberry, and icing the next day i gave it to her she loved it the end.

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