Friday, May 11, 2018

the electric metal shoe 7000

hi i have been writing a non chronological report. we have been writing a non chronological report for two weeks and the whole class wrote two non chron reports. the next three days we are stop the non chron.

the electric metal shoe 7000

In yaldhurst school 46 kids in rimu class have been trying the electric metal shoe 7000 which is a 240$ shoe.they can make you run fat because of the electricity in them they are so popular that they have sold out.

one Day I brought a new shoe called the metal electric shoe 7000 that was made by thom. After I  buyed them I ran home and tried them. They were so cool and cosey I wore them to school everyone buyed they also love them to. Everyone was looking at them during class because they were so cool. After school everyone was gossiping about their new shoes even I was to. When i saw mum I just realised that i didn’t have permission to buy the shoes and that's how i got hit with a two week ipad bane. Every day she was mad at me because of the shoes.

I told her that I used my own money but that didn’t stop her from being angry at me i tried to think of something o make her happy again but nothing came up in my head then in a flash I thought of something to make mums day baking her a  i’m sorry cake. My mom likes cake so I gotta work so I thought of what mum likes on her cake chocolate chips, strawberry, and icing the next day i gave it to her she loved it the end.

Friday, April 13, 2018

bradley chalkers work

race of doom wirting

One day i was shopping with my dad and when i grabbed the eggs i saw a race of doom on saturday tomorrow.i asked if i could enter because i had a motorbike he told me fine but i better back by sunday morning.on saturday morning i was all ready for the race of doom dad told me good luck and i ran to the race.i just got there in time when the ref said 3 2 1 go i put my foot on the pedal and raced in the lead.this guy with a spiky haircut zoomed past me straight away and a guy with sunglasses went past leaving me in last place. I used all my boost at once which made me pass the guy with the sunglasses and with me in second place the guy with the spiky haircut was in second lap. The guy behind my his engine blew up and he died i now was in last. I went in the second lap and last lap i was going faster and i was passing the guy with the spiky haircut and raced to the finish line and i won the race. and my prize a 100 $ note the end.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

lego cave

Once on a rainy day i was with dad at the shop until i saw a lego cave. i could tell because it had a sign that said the lego cave so before i went in there i told dad can i go in the lego cave he replied fine but you have to be back until 5:40 because that's the time we should be home said dad. So i went into the lego cave and i saw a million sets of lego ninjago i was amazed i picked up heps of the lego sets and then saw a forbittin lego set it was shining with gold so i picked it up off the ground and it gave me heaps of money.after that i ran back to dad with heaps of we were jumping up and down and smiling we were so happy ran to find mum and ariana we were smling the end.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

welcome to 2018

As part of our blogging lesson, mrs spragg is helping us learn how to post and why we should post.this is a test to see who is reading my blog.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Darth Vader's Dream Car

Screenshot 2017-09-25 at 1.07.02 PM.png

Darth vader, like every other villain, had hobbies. Yes, he obviously liked lightsabers and flying around space at catastrophic speeds. He was also fond of trying to eliminate Jedi. However, Darth had a need for speed, and loved nothing more than cruising around in his favourite sports car.He loved the slick, black tyres, the feeling in the pit of his stomach as he accelerated to great speed along a straight stretch of road. He really could forget all about his troubles, especially those pesky Jedi!
This was his time to relax. Was it all about to change? Yes the jedi came to darth vader's house.The jedi's didn't even know that it has darth vader's house they only came to this house because he was really rich.and the house looked rich as well,darth vader saw the jedi’s and started fighting the jedi’s.
Darth vader noticed that he could just escape in his sports car.but the jedi’s kept on fighting him but he escaped in time to find somewhere safe.he saw a old house that no one rented or owned he went inside the house.and again he saw the jedi’s and he started fighting them all of a sudden one of the jedi’s killed darth vader.and darth vader died.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

first day at school

Once there was a kid who started school, he was in crutches his name was William. He went into his class and said “out of my way coming through” and the class had to do school work, everyone finished their work. The bell rang it was time to play, uh oh, there was a elephant in the school grounds and it hit the tree and the tree cracked and hit the power poles it made a fire.

William was walking in his crutches and he saw the fire, he got his wheelchair out and put it into hover mode. He flew to the fire and brought his water blasters and sprayed the fire, the fire went out. William’s classmates were cheering for him. The elephant was cheering aswell, he was tossing forwards and backwards. The elephant fell backwards and crashed into the side, the elephant was hurt. William helped the elephant by getting his bandages out and putting it onto the elephant and the elephant was better. The whole school had a big party and they got to eat burgers and ice-cream and chips, they also got to play