Friday, July 6, 2018

What i am proud about this term is that i'm managing to write over 250 word each time we do a long write
and that’s what helps me with my writing. and what’s worked well is that i'm thinking I’m getting a bit at math when I do it. And i’m also proud of my reading because I’m starting to read fluniting in my reading.

.How I have shown my yms qualities is that i’m starting to not talk to my friends on the mat and i’m starting
to listen more on the mat as well and I’m also picking up after my selves as well and i’m getting through to helping people in the playground. an not breaking things that aren’t mine.and when i do it is in the class
and outside as well.

There have been some things that haven’t gone well me this term is that i’m talking to my friends not on
the mat but while we're not on the mat. when were are learning something i’m not paying attention to the
teacher but to my friends.and I have been playing some games during school time so i’m trying not to do

What has been challenging for me is learning grid method in math it was hard because i have never learnt
it before that’s what made hard. The other thing that’s been hard for me is that in reading it’s quite hard to
focus on my blogging I found it quite hard to think what to write when were choosing a topic of your own. And i have no topics of my own but then I started each when i did blogging i started to know what I write.

What i’m focusing on next time is that i’m going to try to write 350 words in my long write so i can explain more of my writing to everyone. And also i’m going to focus on not sitting to my friends all the time so i can get more done on my work. And the last thing i’m focusing on is that my writing tasks are finished so i can get my award time all day and every so i can have fun.and I want to do more and get more so I can prove that i’m capable of working and listening to that teacher on the mat as well the end.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


                                    hi my math group have been working on geometry, and  we were doing shape and space perimeter and others and about place value as well

Friday, June 29, 2018


Hi there my class have been working on a newspaper report I wrote about fifa world cup and about how mexico won and how korea lost and one of mexico teammate got injured.

Friday, June 22, 2018

my math investigation

hi i'm louis and i did a math investigation a couple of days ago
it was called spendthrift we to times 26x26 and 18x18 and what ever we timed we would have add it and the number could not be any higher that 5.00 and here's my workout.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

dee dee's ten sided dice

 my class is reading a book called posted and have been doing activitys about the book i have been making a ten sided dice it was hard because i had to stick the dice on to cardboard then cut it out and put it into the dice heres a image of my dice

Friday, May 25, 2018

my caterpillar investigation

hi louis here a few months ago my class did a investigation it had to do with numbers and it was quite fun and i enjoyed it.we had to think of a number then half it then add one then you keep having and adding. every week we do a investigation and this one happened on our first week on term two 

kitchen floor

  i have been doing a kitchen floor investigation  my class had to desin a floor in a 8x8 way i found this pretty easy because i know my 8x8 time tables